About Me

Hi there! I'm a 16 year old developer and coding is my passion. I've taught over 85,000 students all around the World how to program. I've made and published numerous apps and websites. Feel free to contact me for any work, hackathons or internships!


  • Python


  • Java

  • C/C#

  • Javascript

Experienced iOS and Web Developer

Programming for more than 5 years, I'm a Multi-linguistical Developer, skilled in numerous languages including Swift, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular JS, Java, Objective-C, C#, and C.

Renowned Programming Instructor

I currently teach over 85,000+ happy students programming topics varying from Python and Django to Apple Watch Development. I've received more than a 5000 5-Star reviews, and generated $20,000+ in income.

Won Numerous Accolades

  • Top 10 @ PennApps XV, Best Educational Hack, $1000 grant + $5000 in AWS Credits (Guru)
  • Best Android App @ SM Hacks (PinPoint)
  • 2nd Place Overall @ MenloHacks, Best Use of AWS (CodeCollab)
  • 2nd Place in Entrepreneurship Business Plan (DECA), $300 Scholarship + ICDC acceptance
  • Synopsys Science Fair Winner - $80 Grant, 5th Place in ACM Award
  • 3rd Place in Spontaneous Speaking (Open) - Las Vegas, NV


Here are some of my best projects. A variety of iPhone + Web Apps

  • Guru

    Created an iPhone app to connect students and gurus anywhere around the world. Integrated live video technology through twilio that instanteously connects you with your guru. Also utilized OneSignal for global push notifications and developed a collaborative whiteboard to draw on while in a call.

  • PinPoint

    Developed an Android app to find the fastest and most efficient route to take in a grocery store, get your items, and get out. Created our own mock bitmap and converted it to 2D array. Utilized TSP and A* algorithms to find most efficient route between items. Also used Supermarket API and a Firebase backend to find specific location of each item.

  • Crimson

    Revolutionizing Online Reading though Audio and Voice Controll. Using a Google App Engine Server, select content is parsed through Python from sites and read out. Utilized numerous frameworks - IBM Bluemix for Text-To-Speech, OpenEars for Voice Control and Recognition and Parse for the backend databse to store user articles.

  • PunchIt (Yelp Hack)

    A loyalty system for Restaurants to reward customers. Concept of PunchPoints and PunchCard - Cashier scans User's QR Code to update/redeem points. Firebase Backend used to store User/Restaurant Data, Yelp API utilized for finding Restaurants. Also built website to display analytics and data to Merchant.

  • A2B (SVHacks)

    Price-Comparison service that compares time + price of ride-sharing apps, taxis, bus, etc. to get the best way from Point A to B. Utilized Uber API + Google Maps API to display map, get address and track distance + fare. Build both iOS and Web App, that performs same function.

  • Impromptu Topics

    Developed app for Speech Team - Parses online websites for topics, generating random ones every time. iPhone app having a friendly and easy to use UI. 3 different categories, Concrete Nouns, Abstract Nouns & Quotes - Tracks Prep time and Speaking time in-app. Over 300 downloads in the App Store.


Please contact me with any work, hackathons or internships.